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Frequently Asked 


Do I need any special equipment for online therapy?

For us to work together you will need to have a stable internet connection and telephone signal, you will also need a private space for therapy where nobody else can see or hear you, if your worried about this, please contact me and I will do my best in trying to support you to find a solution to make therapy accessible for you. It is important to me that you feel safe during our sessions, this means making sure that your therapy space feels private without worrying about being overheard. I would recommend using headphones to reduce the risk of being overheard or alternatively encouraging those around you to go out whilst you have your sessions, if this isn’t possible sitting in a stationary car may feel more appropriate.


How can online therapy help?

Sometimes, opening up to a stranger can feel scary, some people may find it easier to be vulnerable online or over the telephone. This could help you express your emotions and process them more freely in a safe space with me.


Does online therapy feel different to in person therapy?

Our body language and facial expressions say a lot about how we feel, in remote therapy these may be more challenging to notice. By being aware of how your body responds to situations, this can aid you to overcome this in the therapeutic process. I often use silence in my practice to help me process and validate individuals which can feel awkward for some clients but by exploring how the different dynamics of how remote therapy makes you feel, it can aid your own processing and strengthen the relationship we share.


What happens if I experience technical issues?

Unstable internet can feel frustrating during therapy, causing freezing screens and missed information. Sometimes to avoid this it can help if you’re the only person using the internet during your therapy sessions or switching to mobile data. You can speed up your device internet by checking software is up to date before sessions, closing applications or windows you’re not using or disconnecting unused devices from the internet during your sessions. If you get disconnected during an online session therapy may continue via the telephone, or failing this, may be rearranged for a future nearby date subject to availability.


I’m worried my problems are too big for online therapy, is there anything you don’t work with?

No problem is too big for online therapy and I will do my best to support you, if I feel you need different support I can refer you to other services which better suit your needs. I currently do not work with eating disorders or clients experiencing suicidal ideation.


Do you have any specialist training for online or telephone work?

Yes, I am a current registered member of the BACP which is a professional body ensuring that I meet the standards of ethical practice to work online or over the phone with clients. I have also completed varied training in online and telephone counselling work. If you are still unsure or would like to know more about my credentials please feel free to contact me using the online form for further information.


How secure and confidential is online therapy?

Confidentiality is essential for building strong therapeutic relationships, I use Zoom for my online practice, which is an encrypted, safe platform used by many therapists worldwide, if you have any security concerns around this feel free to contact me to discuss these. I would recommend also turning off listening devices like virtual assistants Alexa and Siri during sessions.


Tell me more about sessions?

Sessions with me are open ended, meaning that support can be offered to you for as long as you need with sessions lasting for 50 minutes each. I offer weekly sessions, however if you feel something different would benefit you please contact me for further discussion. I do not usually offer support between sessions, however, if you are struggling, shorter check-in calls can be arranged to support you between sessions for no extra cost subject to availability.


Do you keep notes of our sessions?

I do keep session notes, these are used to aid my memory during sessions and keep track of client progress. I will always get your consent on notetaking at the start of therapy and if at any time you wish to have your notes deleted that is fine. Otherwise, I abide by current data protection law and am a current member of the Information Commissioner Office ensuring all records are stored securely and safely. You can ask at any time to get a copy of your notes from therapy. Your notes are kept privately and only seen by me throughout the therapeutic process and beyond.

I have more questions…

No problem, please contact me via my contact form for more information, I will try my best to answer any questions you may have about starting therapy.

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