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How I work with clients 
Being an integrative therapist I work with different therapeutic approaches to design bespoke session packages fitted to your needs.
As an integrative therapist I will see you as a whole individual, taking into consideration your mental, physical and emotional health needs. By using tools from different modalities of therapy I can tailor a bespoke approach for you. I aim to build trusting, non-judgemental relationships encouraging your self-awareness to develop. Once you understand your own behavioural triggers, I can be confident you will set goals and develop new behaviours to improve your overall life satisfaction. 

Some approaches I work with include Person Centred Therapy, CBT,
Gestalt Therapy and
Creative Therapy through Zoom.

Person Centred Therapy

Each client has the capacity for personal growth and change with the right support. I will offer non-judgemental, empathic support to let you be the author of your own story. This isn’t about me being the expert, but about you showing me your life experiences to enable you to address negative feelings and develop at your own pace.



Focusing on current issues and practical solutions to aid positive emotions. Our thoughts affect how we feel and behave, negative thoughts lead to negative emotions and unhelpful behaviours. I will help you identify and challenge negative thinking to approach situations in a more helpful way. CBT often includes the client doing work outside of sessions to aid wellbeing.


Gestalt therapy aims to bring into awareness who we are, how we are living and how we relate to the world around us. Through awareness, we see reality in the present and can make informed choices.

Creative Therapies - Zoom

Enabling self-expression beyond words. I will use creative approaches adapted to your needs to explore emotions in creative ways. This can include using zoom programmes such as whiteboards, sandbox, affirmation cards, drawing, drama therapy and music therapy all via zoom. This therapy requires clients to always have creative materials to hand during sessions.



Therapy is an opportunity to take time and space to explore difficult feelings and challenging themes in a setting where it feels safe to do so. The role of the therapist is to help you to become empowered within your life and to help you to remove the obstacles that you are facing in your life.

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